The High Stakes and Consequences of Assault

The High Stakes and Consequences of Assault

Assault is a legal term that many have heard countless times, but do you really know what constitutes assault and the consequences that could follow? According to statutes 609.221 – 609.224, assault is defined in the state of Minnesota as “committing an act with the intent to cause fear in another of immediate bodily harm or death.” An assault charge can have devastating consequences, depending on the degree of the charge. It’s important to know what the stakes are when faced with an assault charge in order to be prepared.

The most severe assault charge is assault in the first degree. First-degree assault is classified as assault resulting in “great bodily harm”. The term “great bodily harm” is defined as physical pain or injury that results in the impairment of the victim’s physical condition. The maximum sentencing for an individual charged with first-degree assault is imprisonment for 20 years, a $30,000 fine, or both. Assault in the second degree is defined as assault “committed with a dangerous weapon.” The maximum sentencing for second-degree assault is also 20 years imprisonment and/or a $30,000 fine.

Assault in the third and fourth degrees is less severe but still, comes with stiff consequences. Assault in the third degree is classified as “intentionally inflicting or attempting to inflict substantial bodily harm.” The term “substantial bodily harm” refers to bodily injury which involves a temporary but substantial disfigurement. Maximum sentencing for assault in the third degree is imprisonment for 5 years and/or a $10,000 fine. Finally, assault in the fourth degree is defined as assault “on a peace officer.” The maximum sentencing for assault in the fourth degree depends on the amount of harm inflicted on the peace officer.

With the maximum sentencing for assault being 20 years in prison and/or a $30,000 fine, the stakes are high when fighting this charge. With these high stakes, it is crucial that you seek aggressive defense to fight this life-altering criminal charge. The dedicated defense attorneys at Repka Law have a reputable track record when it comes to fighting assault charges. The attorneys at Repka understand the importance of strengthening your self-defense claim in court. If you’re a Minnesota or Wisconsin resident seeking information on how Repka Law can fight for you or your loved ones, contact Repka Law at DANIEL@REPKALAWLLC.COM.

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