Wisconsin Criminal Defense

Wisconsin Criminal Defense

A number of attorneys in Minnesota are only licensed to practice in the state of Minnesota, meaning if you, a friend or a family member are charged in Wisconsin you cannot use a lawyer who is only licensed in Minnesota.

This can cause a number of problems as the person charged may spend more time out of the state in which they were charged or are called away for a number of reasons. It can be difficult to find a lawyer in a place that you rarely visit. Not only can this be time consuming, but it can be hassle to every day life.

Wisconsin law is also very different from that of Minnesota and an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer must review your case.

The attorneys at Repka Law are licensed to practice criminal defense in Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you are charged with a crime in Wisconsin you can use Repka Law to fight for you. In fact, Repka Law has an office in Hudson, Wisconsin.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Minnesota or Wisconsin you can now use the same law firm—Repka Law.

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