Juvenile Crime In Minnesota

Juvenile Crime In Minnesota

Many believe the notion that just because a person is underage, it automatically means that they are exempt from any charges against them in court. Simply stated, however, this notion is incorrect. Many would also believe that it is uncommon for those who are underage to even get charged for penalties, but depending on the circumstances, the individual(s) in question would be charged with what is called a “juvenile crime.”

Juvenile crimes are crimes committed by minors. Types of juvenile crime include theft, vandalism, disorderly conduct, assault, curfew violations, and most commonly, alcohol offenses. Many of these crimes are dealt with by the juvenile courts, but depending on the severity of the charge, they can also be dealt with by the conventional criminal justice system. While these types of crimes are typically misdemeanors, a select few can result in felonies.

According to a 2017 Minnesota statute, children under the age of 14 years are incapable of committing a crime. However, the statute also states that “children of the age of 14 years or over but under 18 years may be prosecuted for a felony offense if the alleged violation is duly certified for prosecution.”

Punishments for juvenile crime include home confinement/house arrest, detention in juvenile hall, probation, and in select cases, adult prison. At the time of committing the crime, juveniles may think they are spared from the criminal justice system, that they are above the law and that it does not even apply to them. With this way of thinking, they are wrong.  Make sure you understand the outcomes of juvenile crime within your state.

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